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Skill Development Programme
(5 to 15 years)

We designed our curriculum to reach and motivate every student.

The Sack Club’s Skill Development Programme is the ideal platform for a child’s overall advancement through comprehensive learning in a stimulating setup. From confidence building to upgrading their aptitude, the children learn and grow by participating in extracurriculars such as debates, dramas, speeches and much more while establishing their personality through it all.


The Sack Club educators have come together from Canada and India with a strong belief that virtual learning is the way forward. Together, they have curated activities and workshops that act as a rich resource for children who have the drive to grow and learn through innovation, exploration and creativity with no barriers holding them back.


Our students are divided into an inclusive blanket of 6 age groups, thus promoting peer mentorship and social development. An introduction to Model United Nations (MUN) for older and more advanced age groups with interactive online classes and confidence-building workshops is composed while the younger age groups take on real lessons from situational learnings and stories. 


Along with all this, each student imbibes confidence and empathy while building their personality layer by layer. Our philosophy centres on the principle of cultivating values in children and providing them with life skills that help them thrive in the future.

Empowering young minds

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Skill development

By engaging the children in interactive intelligence activities, The Sack Club ensures holistic progress of skills. 


Informed and aware

Nurturing systematic and critical thinking with observation-based education.

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Simple yet impactful

Each curriculum is carefully curated for the children to grasp easily without inhibiting their individuality. 


Start learning in minutes

Get started in a couple of minutes with a few easy steps. All you need is a stable internet connection and we’ll provide the rest.

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