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  • Radhika Garg


The speed of life has so increased that gone are the days of the months long waiting for an infant to open eyes. Now they’re born with eyes wide open, ready for knowledge.

With this come everyday problems for students and today’s online learners. It is very important that a learner’s specific learning difficulties should be catered to and that the important role of the types of learning activities be understood.

Some common students’ problems and their solutions:

· Unique learning styles:

The learning challenges faced by students come up when a group studies together. Every student will have a different pace and it might be confusing about how to get better at studying.

Children must be around a caring tutor who guides them understand the learning process and proceed at his/her own pace.

· Language of the class:

A common issue is getting the students talk in English. There will be times when the young learners need to explain themselves in their mother tongue but they must be encouraged to use English wherever possible.

Students can be told that they can use a maximum of three words in the mother tongue, if they don’t know them in English and also that they will have to ask for permission for the same.

· Students don’t get on with each other:

As our interaction increases, the grasp of our knowledge does too. It is obvious that children like to be in company of their friends but it’s very important that they learn to work with others as well.

To cope up with the student behavior problems in the classroom, they can be given an ice-breaker activity where they are supposed to work together and will have to interact in order to complete the task. The teacher or guardian could also help them learn more about each other.

· Lack of interest in the topic:

There are so many reasons for a child to not show interest. It might be that the topic doesn’t interest him/her; it could also be due to some personal issues of students. For example, they had a bad day or had a fight with a friend, or could be simply tired or hungry.

It is important that they must not be forced to do what they don’t want to do. It’s better to have a break than a class filled with a negative atmosphere.

· Low self-confidence:

A low self-confidence level in a child could be because of his/her slow pace of learning as compared to the fellow learners or also because of the lack of fluency in the language medium.

Children can start one step at a time. It’s best that they work in small groups or pairs before they are confident enough to speak in front of a larger number.

· The learning method could be complex:

If a child gets into the habit of reading from an early age, his/her language skills will automatically be so good clearly. If a language is learned through the right process, then the young learners would find even the other subjects easy because they’ll understand the sentences better and won’t have to rote learn.

Similarly, it’s important to find problem solving examples for students that can be easy, fruitful and practical.

A student might be intelligent but also still a child and needs time to rejuvenate, play and enjoy their childhood. A child can’t be burdened with only academics. There will always be some young learners who don’t grasp everything in one go so it’s essential to make learning simple and convenient.

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