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Worried About Your Child’s First School Interview? – Tips to Make It Simple

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Is your toddler getting ready for school? Do you want to know useful tips to make your child crack the school interview? Learn how to prepare your child.

Are you among those who like to prepare at the eleventh hour? Well, it is okay if you are going for a party or a movie, but taking your toddler's first school interview casually can cost you dearly. The admission process has become tough these days, especially in renowned schools. Know how to prepare your child to crack the interview for admission into the school. Developing communication skills to ensure the child is confident to answer the questions is one of the critical things you need to do.

Do you remember the first day when you were asked some questions at school? Any question-answer session is exciting to some children, but most of them like to escape it as much as possible. Answering every question correctly isn’t essential, but the thing most schools focus on is the child's confidence. So, confidence building is a critical part of the process. Apart from this, as a parent, you need to focus on personality development as well.

As a responsible parent, you need to be aware of the admission procedure and prepare your child accordingly. You do not want to make a mess during the interview. So, here are some vital tips you must follow to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Important Tips to Help Your Child Crack the First School Interview

  • Develop Etiquettes: It is the first thing the principal or the person in charge of admission may notice in your child. You should teach your toddler to greet the interviewer as sir or madam, greet the elders, with good morning, good afternoon to visitors, or say hello to your neighbours. These practices will help your young one learn the right etiquettes for the rest of his/her life as well.

  • Focus on Hygiene: You must have heard one saying, "The first impression is the last impression." Though it is not always true, when it comes to your child's first school interview, maintaining hygiene is a must. It is another critical value you must teach your kid when he/she is getting ready to put his first step into school.

  • Teach the Basics: It is crucial to teach your little one the basic things like numbers, letters, his/her name, parent's name, where the parent works. You should teach your child the name of some animals, plants, vegetables, fruit, and flowers. Apart from this, the child needs to learn basic spoken English and should be able to memorize some simple rhymes. However, don’t put much pressure, rather focus on easy learning. Every child learns at a different pace, so start preparing a few months ago.

  • Stimulate Curiosity: You keep researching something when you have an interest in it. So, developing curiosity is very critical to get your child interested in learning. Teaching the toddler about surrounding things is an excellent way to make him/her curious. Give satisfactory answers to all the questions of your child, even if it is stupid.

  • Brief the Child About the Day and Practice it: Preparing your young one according to the interview process and briefing about it is another important thing. You should also practice it a few times to boost confidence. It will help the child to feel comfortable during the interview.


It sounds daunting to get your little one prepared for the first school interview. However, if you start preparing a few months ago and follow the tips we discussed above, your child can easily clear it. The most important things you need to focus on are the right etiquette, communication skill, and developing curiosity. You should also give your child enough practice time to boost their confidence.

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