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Grammar is the foundation of any language, including English. If one has to be fluent, gain confidence in their speech, and also develop their personality, it is important to learn English grammar. Using incorrect grammar can cause your words to become meaningless and unclear. Knowing grammar can make it better and fun.

Building a strong foundation for sound grammar begins when your child is young and will benefit him throughout the lifetime. There are many ways to improve grammar but most importantly, keeping learning fun and engaging is always the best way to keep children’s attention. As a parent or guardian, it will also take your patience, time and effort to teach your child appropriate grammatical habits.

Here is a list of things which can help your child improve the English grammar:

· Be their ‘Grammar Corrector’

When English isn’t your first language, your child will naturally get the initial words wrong. However, being a grammar checker to them will eventually improve them. You can initially help them to structure their sentences with fun games like a fill in a blank game at home.

Kids also don’t like being pointed out, so it is better to correct them by just saying the right word instead of saying it on the face.

· Tenses with examples

Tenses in English can get tricky for young kids. Teach them the tenses rules by giving one example each of all tenses. Another way is to ask your child to practice by writing one sentence each for every tense.

· Communicate: Practical English Usage

Communicating with your kids in English is the best grammar exercise that they can do. Asking them about their day or what they learnt in their class is a good way of putting basic English grammar in use. This way not only their grammar will improve but so will their communication skills. Speaking a language on a routine basis helps them react in that language in everyday situations.

· Encourage Reading

Reading is an excellent technique to help kids perfect English grammar. You could read to them while they are too young to read and this can aid in developing their understanding of the language when spoken by others.

· Start Young

Understanding and using English grammar right from a young age is the key to make your kid learn the language skills faster. The child could encounter difficulties at a later stage if he doesn’t have an understanding of the basic grammar and this is why it is best to address such issues in the beginning.

· Grammar is Fun

Storytelling, cartoons, movies, games and use of flashcards are a few of the many creative ways to engage your child while making them learn the English grammar rules.

For example, making grammar flashcards with your kids at home is a fun method for them to learn. When they make the flashcards on their own, it will create a fun activity and will help retain the language for life.

Encourage them to start watching their favourite cartoons or movies or programmes in English.

· Enroll in an online learning program

When kids get special attention from their teachers, they grasp things faster. Online classes offer this in the comfort of our own homes. It’s best to expose the child to English as much possible as it will help them learn the grammar rules and have their message understood with clarity.

At The Sack Club, we help our students understand the basis of the English language and ensure that they learn to put essential grammar in use.

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