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  • Radhika Garg


Personality as a whole means a combination of various characteristics and appearance which make an individual. It includes the thought pattern, feelings, attitude, behaviour, communication abilities and physical features. Our personalities and grooming levels determine, to a great extent, our friends, surroundings and our choices. It not only determines career success but also the overall attitude and behavior towards life.

While growing up, children go through typical characteristics of growth- emotionally, intellectually and socially. This time is the best time to shape their personalities to make them capable of facing the world by inculcating in them good character traits and teach them the importance of self growth.

It has been believed that the basic foundation of a person’s personality is built in the early years of childhood. Personality Development grooms an individual and helps him make an effective impression. It is important for each individual to have a unique style. Personality grooming not only makes you presentable but also prepares you to face the world.

A good personality involves:

· Life Skills like anger management, active leadership skills, social etiquettes and pleasing, positive thinking, interpersonal skills and much more.

· Communication Skills like body language, daily conversation skills and a good level of confidence.

· Leadership Skills like decision making and time management.

Let us see the benefits of personal growth and grooming:

1. Increase in Confidence

A good personality boosts a child’s confidence. Knowing the right things to say at the right place and time and how to behave themselves in a particular situation gives a different level of confidence to a child. The child is then able to control his anxiety and fears and behave fearlessly.

2. Improves Communication Skills

The role of communication skills in personality development is extremely crucial. It is important for a child’s personal and professional growth to possess good communication skills. Having these skills, the child is motivated to interact freely with more people, resulting in the gain of knowledge and experience.

3. Positive Character traits:

Positive attitude is really important for a child’s mental health. Personality development and grooming develops a positive attitude in a child. A positive mindset helps a child look at the brighter side and to always keep him on a progressive path.

4. A great influence:

An attractive personality influences everyone. Whether it is an interview for a job or having a conversation within your circle, well-groomed personality traits and characteristics make an everlasting impression.

5. Stand Out:

Whatever your child’s unique personality type may be, Personality development helps your child develop an impressive personality and makes him stand apart from the rest. The benefits of personal grooming is not only limited to a child’s personal life but it affects the social interactions as well.

The importance of personal growth and development during a child’s growing years cannot be insisted upon enough. Personality Development is an easy and must tool for your child through which your child can bring out the best of his capabilities and strengths. It also helps him be aware of his sense of self and become more confident to face the outside world.

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