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English is one of the most commonly used languages globally. Being a universal language, it makes it very important for students to work towards sharpening their English language skills and have a command over it to help them stand out and to make a distinct impression. It is used as a common means of communication around the globe.

English Olympiads help boost confidence and also assist young minds in preparing for other exams as well. These exams ensure the holistic development of the students. Here are some easy tips to ace your English Olympiads.

· Start Early:

In general, the importance of English as a subject is neglected and is taken quite lightly. The most important step towards scoring well in an English Olympiad is to understand the value of what you’re getting into and start preparing early.

Developing a regular habit of reading and speaking in English builds excellent command over the language.

· Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern:

The key to cracking the exam is to understand the pattern and focus according to the priority of a topic. The syllabus is mostly the same as the school syllabus. Students should understand the syllabus thoroughly and devise an effective study plan.

Pre-planning and allotting a specific time slot for the study of the English Olympiad invests a student’s precious time in a productive way for a longer period of time.

· Consistency is key:

Consistency and hard work ensure guaranteed success. It is important for a student to stay consistent in their preparation. The English language cannot be learned in a day but requires regular practice.

· Learn 5 new words everyday:

Students can pick up any five words from the dictionary on a random basis and should write them down along with their meaning. It is also important that they understand how these words would be used in different sentences. The simple purpose of this exercise is to help them build their vocabulary and at the same time improve their writing skills.

This simple practice is one of the most important habits which students should include in their daily life.

· Learning is Fun:

An English learner has the advantage of improving their reading and writing skills in various fun ways because it does not require memorizing any formulae.

There are so many fun ways to learn the English language like watching English movies, English videos on social media platforms, actively participate in various extra-curricular activities, essay writing, debates etc. Indulging in competitions push them to improve their English language skills.

· Habit of Reading:

Inculcating the habit of reading books apart from regular textbooks is the key to cracking the Olympiad exams. Students who tend to read a lot of books develop better English language skills. Reading helps learn new words and strengthens grammar.

· Revision and Practice:

Dedicated practice is the key to success. It is the quickest way to learn and master reading and writing skills. Know your resources of study, there are many Practice Olympiads, practice test series and revision material available to practice for English Olympiads. Nowadays there are a lot of authentic online sources which explain about the Olympiad exam.

Students can also make their own quick flash notes for revision and recapitulation. Students retain the important points in the process of making notes and it also aids long term retention of information. Practice with a defined strategy guarantees a good score in the Olympiad competition.

The English language skills can be developed over time. In order to achieve a good result in the Olympiad test, students must put their time and effort in the right way.

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