Engaging and affordable learning experiences

Our programmes are focused on providing a novel method of interactive education within a warm learning environment for each child to improve their communication through a fun and memorable process.


Cognitive Development (3 to 5 years)

Understanding the power of curiosity, our Cognitive Development programme takes on the wonders around us and through fun and exciting tasks. Our focus on creating a thriving environment engages each learner and provides them with the means to further improve their cognitive skills. A strong belief that each child can excel, paired with stimulating props and interactive methods creates a setup that nurtures your child’s education.


Phonetics (3 to 5 years)

Early education is a crucial time when the foundation of language skills is set. Moving on from cramming the alphabets, we give your children the ABCs they deserve. During these critical years, it is more important to teach the children not just the basics but the means through which they can excel in learning and thrive with their Spoken English.


  1. Introductory Phonetics: Through this programme, each child will grasp the very crux of Spoken English. A magic pot of songs, dance, stories and videos will allow your child to imbibe each alphabet and its different sounds.

  2. Blends: The next step of mastering Spoken English, children will be taught the sounds behind common 2-letter blends through interactive stories, songs and games.

  3. CVC: Finally, on to conquering 3-letter words, the children will be able to connect different sounding letters to create words in a supportive and engaging environment that promotes the joy of learning.

Dance and Movement (2 to 3.5 years)

Forging a strong connection, the parent-child bond is at the heart of healthy child development. This very relationship assists in brain development, the emotional wellbeing and the general success of the toddler. This programme focuses on using this very connection by having the parents take part in the tasks with their child to foster communication and nurture the child’s need to explore and learn. A side-by-side music and movement class where situational stories help the child blossom.