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Give Your Child A Strong Mathematics Foundation

99% of the global competitive exams test students on only up to 10th standard Mathematics. A strong foundation in elementary school mathematics aligned with a blend of Mental Maths and Vedic Maths can help your child be in the top 1% of his class.
Why wait until the 12th standard when you can give a headstart to your now?

Math Exercises

Mental Maths

If a child understands the actual meaning of multiplication, division, and of fractions, calculations become a cakewalk for him. With the help of real-life examples, we teach students the most difficult concepts in the simplest manner. 

If your favorite Pizza is divided into six slices equally, each slice will form 1/6th part of the pizza.

If you fold a square into 4 equal parts, the area of each part is 1/4th of the total area.

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Elementary Maths

Let your child learn elementary mathematical concepts that form the foundation of competiive exams such as SAT. Choose from 1:1 classes or 1:4 group classes and provide a cutting edge to your child's mathematical skills.
Learn with experts from the top schools globally.

People Who Believe In Us- Upskilled Over 2000 Students So Far


My daughter has been attending classes with Mehak Ma'am since last six months.
She was earlier very slow but now she preforms better than most of  the students in her class 


I was really worried about Raisha's education once the schools shut last year.
I randomly came across The Sack Club last year and I havent been happier since.
Completely recommend!


Vidhaan has always hated online classes. He would be distracted and would find reasons to miss sessions. A friend of mine suggested The Sack Club's classes to me.
I've just been so happy post that. He waits for his classes the entire day. He has become sharper and also preforms well at school.

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