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Here to make little heads 
grow into prominent 

Building on the principles of exploration, creativity and personal interaction. The Sack club is an E-Learning platform that redefines traditional learning methods. Our unique curriculum and unorthodox teaching methods foster curious minds and make learning fun and interactive.


The Sack Club combines cognitive and experiential learning

Empower your children with The Sack Club

Our programmes are designed to grow a child’s natural curiosity, enabling him or her to freely explore while honing soft skills and building confidence. Each of our interactive online classes leads children towards establishing strong Spoken Skills and Personality Development.

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Skill Development

By engaging the children in interactive intelligence activities, The Sack Club ensures holistic progress of skills. 


Informed And Aware

Nurturing systematic and critical thinking with observation-based education.

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Simple Yet Impactful

Each curriculum is carefully curated for the children to grasp easily without inhibiting their individuality. 


Start Learning In Minutes

Get started in a couple of minutes with a few easy steps. All you need is a stable internet connection and we’ll provide the rest.


Happy parents and smart kids from day one

The Sack Club’s programmes were created to make education more accessible. We are mindful of creating content in real settings and strongly encourage learning through play. Our confidence-boosting programs help the kids speak flawlessly and explore their inner selves. Over 93% of the parents associated with The Sack Club have observed a positive change in their child’s ability to think critically and compassionately.  


A team of professional teachers from Canada, Singapore, the US and India

UNICEF shares that children and adolescents need lifelong skills to build their future and be a part of the community. Inspired by the benefits of early childhood education, The Sack Club hosts a team of professional teachers from Canada and India who will help your kid excel at phonetics, speech, spoken English, drama, dance, grammar, fine arts, and soft skills via online education.


Our teachers focus equally on every student

All types of classes provided by The Sack Club operate online. Our teachers focus equally on every student while ensuring a collaborative learning scenario and promoting peer mentorship. Every student gets an equal opportunity to express themselves and participate. 


Self-exploration sessions combined with adaptive skill improvement

Our inner self-exploration sessions combined with adaptive skill improvement, developed with the Model United Nations, extempore, and group discussions make every child ready to face the world like a pro, and shine in any field they choose to follow. 


A better way to learn and grow

We believe in creating an environment that is centred on cultivating soft skills and early childhood education. At The Sack Club, we work hand-in-hand with each parent to build each child’s capability to learn and grow through bonding. Our future-ready programmes form your child’s cognitive and interpersonal skills helping them become a top performer inside and outside the class.

The Sack Club's proud community

The Sack Club is currently nurturing and teaching over 100 kids. Take a closer look at what the parents have to say!

Abhinav Verma - Bangalore

Before Sack Club, my son was learning, but not enjoying the process. But, these guys have helped him embrace interactive learning. I am thrilled to see how he is growing with every passing day. The phonetics classes are one of his favourite programmes with The Sack Club.

Richa Singhania - New Delhi

The comprehensive learning structure provided by The Sack Club stands out to me as I have always wanted my daughter to become an all-rounder. I really like the confidence she has now while speaking and conversing with others. All thanks to the great team effort of the teachers at The Sack Club. 

Sumit Mahajan - Chandigarh

I believe we must complement education with extra-curricular activities like dance and movement as these aspects help foster more opportunities for the child. After enrolling my son with the Sack Club, he has become better informed and remains more energetic. 

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